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Kyle Watson Homes Inc. is Pensacola’s premiere builder that specializes in upscale custom homes and general renovations, including kitchens and baths. We pride ourselves in being a boutique-style, client-based company that caters to each customer’s unique needs. 


About Kyle

Unwavering Attention to Detail.

Kyle’s experience in the building industry, which spans more than a quarter of a century, began in 1993 when he started working as an intern for Hawkins-Welwood Homes, a high-end homebuilder in the Dallas, Texas, area. By 1995, he was promoted to Project Manager, overseeing the construction of million- and multimillion-dollar custom homes in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area. After experiencing much success, he began to realize his burgeoning interest in all aspects of the building process, so he decided to start his own company, Kyle Watson Homes, in 1999. Almost immediately, he garnered praises from peers and clients alike, as his clients watched him turn their dream homes into posh, well-constructed realities.


Our Process

After all the dreaming, the time finally comes to put those ideas on paper and to begin the building process. Many people consider constructing a custom home to be the most ambitious undertaking of their lives, and the process can seem somewhat daunting since your budget is likely more limited than your options.


Home Building

As the name implies, a custom home can feature every detail, decorative touch, and modern amenity that the client wants and that the budget allows. We at Kyle Watson Homes ensure the custom home of your dreams because we actively communicate and consult with you throughout the entire process. We want our clients to feel as involved as they want to be. Every project is unique, and we meet each one with a renewed sense of purpose. Most likely, building a custom home is the biggest transaction of your lifetime, and we want you and your family and friends to enjoy our results for years to come.

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Renovating a Home

Tired of standing in line to use the restroom in your house? Decided that the pink Formica countertops finally have to go? Want to create more open areas or a larger kitchen or bath with more amenities? Before you abandon your much-loved current home, check with a custom home builder to see how you can alter or expand it to meet your current needs and tastes. 


When Kyle Watson Homes embarks on a renovation project, Kyle and his subcontractors make sure the changes are well-integrated to complement the existing features of your home. When he and his team are finished, you will feel as if you are living in a brand-new home.


Our Gallery


Quality homes. Mr. Watson will review your needs and layout a complete custom home. This isn't your typical big box spec builder. If you are not picking up the hammer to build your custom home, call this guy!

Shaun McCormick

Ready to find out more?

Interested in building your dream home with us? We would love to hear from you, even if you’ve just begun to research what you want in your new home. Our team can guide you through whatever questions or concerns you may have.

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