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Custom Home Building

As the name implies, a custom home can feature every detail, decorative touch, and modern amenity that the client wants and that the budget allows. We at Kyle Watson Homes ensure the custom home of your dreams because we actively communicate and consult with you throughout the entire process. We want our clients to feel as involved as they want to be. Every project is unique, and we meet each one with a renewed sense of purpose. Most likely, building a custom home is the biggest transaction of your lifetime, and we want you and your family and friends to enjoy our results for years to come.


Custom homes offer many other perks. They allow soon-to-be homeowners to do the following:

  • Select the latest technology, including multi-room audio/video systems, smart appliances, and home automation; 

  • Lower your maintenance costs by installing energy-efficient features, as well as building materials and home furnishings that have manufacturer warranties; 

  • Choose your location and incorporate your home properly into the natural terrain of your lot; 

  • Work with a creative team of experts to make important decisions, from helping you determine what you can afford, to ironing out all of the design details, such as which rooms should be open areas and which should be more private;

  • And, finally, build a home that best suits your current and future needs.

As your builder, Kyle Watson Homes will do the following:

  • Share client testimonials and explain any questions about our services; 

  • Maintain our low-volume goal of only one to two projects each year so that we can devote individual attention to each client;

  • Communicate with clients from the beginning to the end of the process so they feel listened to, informed, and in control;

  • Assemble a top-notch team to meet and even exceed your expectations;

  • Help you decide which home features are worth the investment and which are not;

  • Work with the team to determine a clear budget that includes a contingency budget for unforeseen costs;

  • Oversee a soil engineer, who will test and examine the soil strata of the lot to ensure the foundation is designed properly;

  • Mobilize and manage vendors and subcontractors;

  • Proactively solve construction issues;

  • Ensure onsite safety standards;

  • And, finally, deliver a beautiful custom home that meets the highest standards in the industry.

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