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Tired of standing in line to use the restroom in your house? Decided that the pink Formica countertops finally have to go? Want to create more open areas or a larger kitchen or bath with more amenities? Before you abandon your much-loved current home, check with a custom home builder to see how you can alter or expand it to meet your current needs and tastes. 


When Kyle Watson Homes embarks on a renovation project, Kyle and his subcontractors make sure the changes are well-integrated to complement the existing features of your home. When he and his team are finished, you will feel as if you are living in a brand-new home.


The process of renovating a home is similar to building a new one. First, you should determine a realistic budget. Next, Kyle will meet with you to view your home and discuss your prioritized list of changes. Maybe you have photos from magazines, websites, home-renovation shows, newspapers, or other publications that you would like to share. One advantage to choosing a professional builder is that he can offer you a wide variety of ideas and show you photos of houses he has remodeled or built.


After he has a good understanding of your goal, style preferences, and personality, he will work with you to assemble a team of experts, including architects, interior designers, and landscape artists. Kyle Watson Homes has access to some of the most sought-after experts in their fields and makes sure that you feel as included as you want to be during the entire process.


Next, the project team comes up with a realistic project budget, as well as the project possibilities and limitations. The project concept and construction documents are drawn up, and permitting is completed. Finally, the demolition and reconstruction can begin.

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